IMOAdvies is your address for assistance on rules and regulations applying to the transport of Dangerous Goods** (Hazardous Cargo) by sea.

We offer:

Training courses (Tailormade, in compliance with Chapter 1.3 of the IMDG Code*)

Audits (e.g. documentation process, knowledge, procedures, cargo securing)

Advice (on incidents, in relation to fines, but also specific information on one or more part(s) of the IMDG Code)

And more, much more.

Clients are: IMO (Done 13 trainings on their behalf), Shipping lines (shore and sea side), shippers, consolidators, NVOCCs, Off-shore, (Semi) governmental bodies and more.

* for IMDG Code read “IMDG Code Amdt 41-22” (which can be used up-to 31/12/2025) ; Training based on IMDG Code Amdt 42-24 can be provided as of 01/01/2025.

** Packed and dry bulk (IMDG Code and IMSBC Code)

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