IMDG Code modules:

Working with the IMDG Code (Basic or next level)

Latest amendment 39-18 (38-16 still possible upon request)

Documentation (MMDGD, D.G.D., C.P.C., S.D.S., C.A.A. …*)

Segregation inside or between containers

Limited and Excepted Quantities

Placarding, Marking and Labeling

How to prevent surprises (rejection at last moment)

Each training course (module) can be combined as required.

In addition:

IMSBC Code for terminal staff and deck officers (See

Safe handling of containers under fumigation
(or other unhealthy atmosphere).

* (Multi Modal) Dangerous Goods Declaration
Container Packing Certificate
Material Safety Data Sheet
Competent Authority Approval

All training courses comply, where applicable, to the requirements in IMDG code chapter 1.3