Rob van Uffelen

Short history

2007 – today: Owner of IMOAdvies

  • Training IMDG Code and IMSBC Code related topics (globally)
  • Advise on same to shippers, shipping lines (ashore and seaside), P&I clubs and more
  • Audit of processes, documentation, (required) knowledge, cargo securing
  • Member of VVA, CTGG and ICHCA
  • Erkend opleider IMDG Code Haven van Antwerpen / Approved trainer IMDG Code by the Port of Antwerp
  • DNV-GL Approved HazMat Expert (IHM)
  • Supervisor ship recycling

1996-2007 Global Manager Dangerous Cargo P&ONedlloyd (PONL) / Maersk Line.

  • Acceptance/rejection policy
  • Training (incl. train the trainer)
  • Systems (Semi automatic approvals via “smalltalk”)
  • Incidents (shipfires, leaking containers and more)
  • Chairman of ICS DG workgroup
  • Representing shipping line at CTGG, KVNR, IMO/DSC, CDI-MPC, Grand Alliance

1992-1996 Dangerous Goods Department Nedlloyd

1979-1991 Deck officer Shell, Nedlloyd, Van Ommeren

  • Email :
  • Tel : 31-653244765
  • CoC : 27305614